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Sarah Reinertsen Mentoring Younger Generation

Sarah Reinertsen runs mentors Morgan Pixley, age 5

After successfully finishing the World Ironman at Kona for the second time, Sarah takes time to mentor young athletic aspirant Morgan Pixley, 5 who also has one prosthetic leg. She offered up a batch of tropical flowers as a sacrifice to Madam Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanoes and the mythical creator of the Hawaiian Islands. She laid the… Read the entire post

Sports Illustrated Now Interview with Sarah Reinertsen

Sarah Reinertsen interviewed on Sports Illustrated Now

Sarah was a recent guest on the show Sports Illustrated Now, interviewed by Rob Lundberg. She talks about who originally inspired her to attempt an Ironman despite not knowing how to swim or ride a bike at the time. She talks about how we are adaptable as human beings and how prosthetic advances have helped her achieve her goals. She… Read the entire post

My Crazy Dream | Kona Ironman 2018

Sarah Reinertsen in the My Crazy Dream Nike campaign

Short interview and feature of Sarah’s dream to finish the Kona Ironman one more time in 2018. Proving you don’t need two legs to dream and achieve.

Iron Sarah featured on ESPN

Iron Sarah Reinertsen preparing for start of Kona Ironman swim

ESPN followed along with Iron Sarah, Sarah Reinertsen, before, during and after this year’s 2018 Kona Ironman World Championship race, covering the event as a life in the week of an Ironman competitor, one who happens to be competing with a prosthetic leg. The story and photos provide glimpses into why it takes an iron will and in Sarah’s case… Read the entire post