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Appearing at many speaking engagements, Sarah Reinertsen is a powerful speaker and storyteller. She has spoken at countless events around the world and has moved many audiences from multi-national companies like Merck, MetLife, Credit-Suisse, Accenture and Barclay’s. Through her multi-media presentation, Sarah shares her story and motivates others to realize their potential. Sarah speaks about goal setting, facing fears, overcoming setbacks, living with hope, and daring to dream big.

This was a very wonderful event. It was motivational and spoke not only to achieving goals, but also, tapping into those hidden talents and dreams we all have.

Sarah graduated from The George Washington University with a BA in Communication and International Affairs, and received her MA in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California.

Sarah lives in Orange County, California, traveling out of SNA and LAX airports.

To book Sarah as a speaker please use the contact form or for speaking engagements contact:

Solveig Fuentes
[email protected]

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