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KABC LA Interview with Sarah talking about CAF

January, 14, 2019
Challenged Athletes Foundation helps amputees KABC los Angeles

KABC LA recently interviewed Sarah about the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) and how it was instrumental in helping her and is today helping many people gain better health and reach their athletic dreams and goals.

“CAF is a nonprofit here in California that actually serves people with disabilities around the world. They pay for those running prosthetics, they pay for my cycling leg. Anywhere from $15,000 to $35,000 out of pocket,” said Reinertsen.

KABC LA interview

Sarah wants everyone with disabilities to be aware of the mission of the Challenged Athletes Foundation so that they too can get in contact with them if they want help in living a healthier lifestyle.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation is in its 25 year history and has raised over 50 million dollars to aid athletes with disabilities.

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